Palacios Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Aceites Palacios is a company in the agricultural and olive sector dedicated to the production and commercialization of olive oil and olives. It is a brand with long experience in the market, which has already led the third generation since its foundation.rn

We have our own production where it should be noted that a large part of it is organic production, an important aspect within the agricultural sector. We take care of our production to the smallest detail, which can be reflected in the different certificates that guarantee the excellence of our oils both in conventional and organic production. The harvesting process using state-of-the-art machinery is controlled so that the raw material reaches the mill immediately, which avoids temperature changes and allows us to obtain excellent quality oils.rn

The treatments that the olive groves need are controlled by technicians who guarantee compliance with the regulations relating to consumption, which is why a product that is totally suitable for marketing is generated.rn

We also have enough production to meet the needs of both national and international markets. In addition, thanks to our storage warehouse we guarantee the sale throughout the year without resorting to other suppliers.rn

Organic oil: benefits and nutrients

Organic extra virgin olive oil is very beneficial for health and is recommended for all ages.

Some of the advantages that the consumption of organic olive oil offers us are:rn

bottle of oil
  • Vitamin E : it prevents the oxidation of bad LDL cholesterol, which would lead to the appearance of atheroma or arteriosclerotic plaques, which impede proper blood flow through the arterial system. Due to its vitamin E content and its antioxidant effect on the cell membrane, olive oil is especially recommended for children and the elderly.rn

  • Polyphenols : they have an antioxidant action, prevent cell aging and also the formation of carcinogenic substances.rn

  • Monounsaturated fats : they help reduce LDL-cholesterol or bad cholesterol levels.

  • In diabetic people it helps lower blood glucose levels, so they would need less insulin.rn

  • It infiltrates very little into the food, since the chemical variations that occur in frying are small and slow. In addition, a crust is made on the food that does not allow its constituents to escape, making it the best olive oil for frying.rn

  • Helps to harden bones, which greatly benefits adults.rn

  • It avoids the overabundance of cholesterol and helps the assimilation of fats, since it favors the hepatic synthesis of bile salts.rn

  • It reduces the acid of the esophageal mucosa, slows and regulates the emptying of the stomach into the duodenum and decreases gastric acidity, thereby reducing the risk of the appearance of gastric ulcers.rn

  • The amount of fatty acids fully meets the nutritional requirements.rn

Techniques for obtaining extra virgin olive oil

Ecological oil is obtained through a series of processes under strict temperature control (below 27 ºC):rn

  • Grinding
  • Pasta shake
  • Separation of the olive oil from the alperujo (water and pomace
  • Centrifugation
  • Decantation

Organic olive oil is only purchased with healthy olives and just ripe. The olives must be ground on the same day that they are harvested, since otherwise the water contained in the olive ferments and oxidizes, thereby reducing its quality. In the oil mills, the cleaning process is carried out to separate them from dirt and impurities and later the olives are classified according to their variety and quality.rn

Organic olive oil is obtained through cold processes, using only mechanical means or physical procedures in fully controlled situations that do not alter the final product.rn

bottle of oil